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Security Officer

The Rescue Mission is a faith-based, Christ-centered ministry. Our mission is to provide, through the power of Jesus Christ, a home for the homeless, food for the hungry and hope for their future. Our mission statement reflects our Christian identity, commitment and unswerving dedication to the principles taught in the Word of God; the Bible. Our team is composed of dynamic and committed Christians who care deeply about our clients and each other.

We are a non-profit dedicated to empower people to overcome challenges and help them achieve their highest level of independence. The Rescue Mission cares for the whole person. We address the social, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Position Description

The Security Officer plays an important role at The Rescue Mission. TRM’s environment exemplifies the spiritual concern we have for all who enter here. All individuals are treated with the care and dignity they deserve. The safety of our employees, residents, volunteers and community members are of great value to us. This Security Officer works to ensure that the environment is safe for all, while building a good rapport with those encountered.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Patrols and monitors the facility, report suspicious activities to local authorities.
  • Monitors surveillance cameras, inspect the property, and monitors crowds.
  • Contacts law enforcement or fire department in case of an emergency.
  • After business hours, check doors, windows, and gates to ensure the property is secure.
  • Investigates reports of suspicious activity on the property.
  • Reasonably detains persons suspected of criminal activity until law enforcement arrives.
  • Escorts trespassers and other unwelcome parties off the premises.
  • Warns violators of rule infractions and violations.
  • Provides input to management to develop, prepare, and implement safety and security policies and procedures which include emergency preparedness, accident prevention, general safety, and risk management.
  • Stops operations and activities that could harm staff or equipment.
  • Identifies opportunities to minimize workplace injuries, accidents, and health problems.
  • Ensures compliance with federal, state, and local safety laws, regulations, codes, and rules.

Work Schedule:

  • The work schedule for this position will include weekends.

Required Skills/Abilities:

  • Physical dexterity and an inherent ability to analyze situations to see if they may be potentially dangerous are important.
  • An analytical mind and the capability to handle emergency situations.
  • Be vigilant, service-oriented and exceptionally well-versed in dealing with people from different walks of life.

Education and Training:

  • High school diploma or equivalent required.
  • Two years of advanced education preferred.
  • 3 years of previous experience in a related field required.
  • Previous police training/experience a plus.
  • Training or certification in safety and security preferred.