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This campaign isn't just about changing locations - it's about changing lives.

Help us rise to the occasion.


It's our time to shine.

Everyone has a different reason for making Fort Wayne home. Some were born and raised here before settling down. Others passed through and stayed put. But we all describe our city the same way. Friendly. Hardworking. Optimistic. Close-knit. Compassionate. Generous.

In the “Summit City,” people come together for good. Like the geography that gave rise to our nickname, we rise to the occasion. We stay hopeful and support our neighbors. Because whether we’re piling sandbags along a river or revitalizing downtown, we know that amazing things happen when we work together for good.

We believe Fort Wayne is a City on a Hill.

In that spirit, The Fort Wayne Rescue Mission is calling our community to be a beacon of hope and opportunity. Our restorative programs work to break the cycle of homelessness. But in a place that prides itself on community, The Rescue Mission and other aid agencies can only help a fraction of the more than 2,500 homeless or near-homeless neighbors who need our help.

As a City on a Hill, Fort Wayne will not hide its light. We won’t leave our most vulnerable neighbors in the dark.

By expanding our resources and relocating to a larger facility, The Rescue Mission can help many more people become healthy, productive members of our community. Because when we follow God’s call to care for the “least of these,” we help our city live up to its own shining example.


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This campaign isn't just about changing locations – it's about changing lives.

Help Us Rise To The Occasion.


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Pray for the homeless.

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In many cities, supportive housing and case management services for the homeless have been shown to reduce hospitalizations, healthcare costs, and arrests by 25 to 75 percent.*

Meeting a


Hiding doesn't help.

Because homelessness hurts us all.

In Fort Wayne, homelessness is often hidden in plain sight — but it shouldn’t be out of mind. Ignoring those who struggle with mental illness, addiction, and trauma can have a negative impact on our city’s economic growth. And for every person living under a bridge, there are dozens of others living in a car, in a hotel room, or with a family member or friend.

A chronically homeless person can cost taxpayers as much as $30,000 to $50,000 per year.*

Homeless individuals lack adequate access to social services agencies.

The current facility is landlocked and too small to meet the need.

In Fort Wayne, there are not enough emergency beds to accommodate the need. The current location is within the Riverfront Development Plan.

As a City on a Hill, Fort Wayne will show other cities that breaking the cycle of homelessness can be a point of pride — rather than a burden.



I now have 10 years of sobriety. And that’s not because of me. That’s God — and that’s the people at The Rescue Mission.”



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The Vision

Through this initiative, we will renew a now-vacant building and lot, making the 301 Superior St. property available for the Riverfront Development Plan.

Greater Capacity

Much of the day-to-day activity at The Rescue Mission is focused on providing for people’s basic physical needs. In the new facility, the number of beds will be substantially increased, with additional space to accommodate overflow. Expanded kitchen and dining areas will provide ample space for meals, and warming and cooling stations will offer lifesaving relief when outdoor conditions become dangerous.

Expanded Outreach

The Rescue Mission’s restorative programs have broken the cycle of homelessness for hundreds of men and women. But for many who pass through, a residential program is a big step. By expanding its space, programming, and resources, The Rescue Mission will establish an outreach program to connect one-on-one with these individuals. By ministering to people “as they are, where they are,” The Rescue Mission hopes to expose more men and women to the possibility of real change.


Want to see what the floorplans of the new building look like?

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Coordinated Care

By expanding our case management team and process, The Rescue Mission will be able to provide one-on-one guidance to every individual who comes through the doors. The case management team will also coordinate care directly with in-house partner agencies. By carving out more space and resources to case management, we can keep individuals from falling through the cracks — at every step, before, during, and after they join a restorative program.

Integrated Services

To address the root causes of homelessness, The Rescue Mission refers visitors and residents to other local agencies for health, educational, social, and job skills services. In the new facility, The Rescue Mission will bring these services in-house, offering immediate access to help and support. Inside the planned Community Resource Center, people will be able to connect directly with partner agencies, listed below: