Winter Firsts


As we move into the busy holiday season of the year, the cold weather is kicking in.  While winter is not officially here, it's sure starting to feel like it. 

The first snowflakes have made their way to Fort Wayne surprisingly after a mild sixty degree day.  This came as a shock!

During this holiday season, many people will also be experiencing a “first” in their lives.  Many will experience the harsh reality of homelessness.  Over the last few months, their lives have been unraveling as they struggle to meet their basic needs.  Finally, the homeless experience comes to them, leaving them with a sense of surprise, shock and disbelief.

It is these kinds of “firsts” that The Rescue Mission is well equipped to handle. You have been the key to providing the support needed to help many in absorbing the shock and reconnecting with life and reality.  We come alongside men, women and children and show them that their winter can pass with God’s help.  We have seen many go through winter, experience spring, and now have the abilities to deal with winter when it comes again.

Thanks for giving us the strength and resources to empower and encourage many who are now dealing with the crisis of homelessness for the first time. 

Together, we are changing lives for good.