Why do we still need The Rescue Mission?

The Rescue Mission has always existed for people.  These people have been created in the image of God.  Many were the delight of families as they made their appearance into the world at birth.  But something happened.  Often the issues that many face occurred though childhood trauma, choices by their adult providers, personal choices of their own and life’s tragedies.

The Rescue Mission exists to work with people, young and old regardless of their backgrounds, with our mission of pointing them to Jesus Christ.  Our Mission is still; “To provide through the power of Jesus Christ, a home for the homeless, food for the hungry and hope for their future.”

Mario came to us after losing his entire family.  He came to us lonely, isolated and angry with God.  Mario experienced the love of God in our immediate shelter, and he is moving forward with a renewed sense of hope.  While he is still alone, he is not lonely.  He is one of the many people we serve, but Mario now feels alive, connected and valued as an individual.

It is all about the people we serve.  We are still in the people business.  Thank you for joining us in the greatest undertaking of serving people.

Together, we are changing lives for good.


Pastor D