Walking Through Anger to Find Healing

The issue of anger has surfaced many times with our resident and non-resident guests at The Rescue Mission. The sad thing is that often, many are not even sure of the source of their anger.

Recently, a young woman expressed that, at times, she felt seemingly unprompted anger and rage toward another individual. After further inquiry, she remembered a time when she was tricked into doing something against her will…by the person who was the focus of her anger. It was such a blessing for her to finally identify the source behind the pain and trauma that had led her to feelings of rage and anger.

I once heard a grief counselor say, “If you can’t feel it, you can’t heal it.” How true!

On a daily basis, the men, women and children of The Rescue Mission are given tools to address the issues, known and unknown, that have maintained a crippling grip upon their lives. Qualified spiritual and clinical staff act as a channel through which many of our guests experience self-discovery as they move closer to healing and freedom. I am very thankful for Restoration House and Charis House.

I am very thankful for you, our partner and support. Together, we are changing lives for good.


See you soon,

Pastor D