Volunteer Spotlilght: Don and Marilee Stroud

Don and Marilee Stroud are both faithful volunteers at The Rescue Mission, and they have become like family to many of our residents and staff. 

How long have you been volunteering at The Rescue Mission?

Don: 1 and a half years

Marilee: About 1 year

How did you get involved with The Rescue Mission?

Don: When I retired back in 2015, I was determined to do something worthwhile with all of my "free time"- otherwise retirement was simply too scary! I started out volunteering for some of the lunch meals. Then that grew into helping to manage the front desk, and most recently I've been co-leading an interviewing skills class.

Marilee: I very much like and admire the work that The Rescue Mission does with changing lives. I sometimes struggle with depression and have found that helping others always gives me a life. I work at the donation door, help serve lunch, and work at the front desk at Charis House once a week.

What is your favorite part of volunteering at The Rescue Mission?

Don: Without question, my favorite part of volunteering at The Rescue Mission has been getting to know the various program residents and hearing their informal testimonies regarding how The Rescue Mission has turned their life around for the better. So many men are so grateful for what they now have - their optimism for the future is contagious! It's also been fascinating to observe the great staff as they deal wtih such a wide variety of people who come through the Mission on a daily basis.

Marilee: The Rescue Mission gives someone a second chance in life. With the love and encouragement I see going on here, I know that lives are being changed. I also have a strong faith and I see that in action at The Rescue Mission.

What do you want people to know about volunteering at The Rescue Mission?

Don: As for new volunteers, all I can say is, "Try it! You might like it!" And when you do come, keep your eyes open and you'll probably see where you can plug into other areas as well."