Volunteer Spotlight: Steve Davis

For 16 years, Steve Davis has been volunteering at The Rescue Mission's women and children's ministry, Charis House. 

"I knew I wanted to help out in the community," said Davis, an elementary school teacher in Fort Wayne. "I called Charis House and asked if my class could make dinner, and that started my involvement."

Once a month Davis brings students from his third grade class to Charis House after school. They prepare part of the evening meal. Sometimes it's fruit salad, other times it's icing on graham crackers or peanut butter on celery. Davis loves seeing his students get excited about volunteering.

"They love helping," Davis said. "It's a great example of how anyone can make a difference, even someone in the third grade. I always walk away feeling blessed and fortunate after volunteering. I want others to know that you will grow and be stretched from the experience. And that is a great thing!"

Davis also plays a major role in The Rescue Mission's One Night Without a Home. He helped start the event in Fort Wayne and serves as a volunteer on the committee that runs the event each November. Davis also drops off food donations to Charis House as a way of volunteering.

"I want others to know what incredible things God is doing at The Rescue Mission and Charis House," he said. "It's growing and stretching residents to be more like Him!"