Veteran Finds His Way

Matt was no stranger to the military life. Growing up in a military household had such a huge impact on him, that he entered the Marine Corps at age 17 with high hopes of being career military, just like his father. 

But after eight months of horrors in Afghanistan, Matt was discharged due to injury. He was angry at the injustices he saw overseas, and they grew when his military career was over.

“That’s when the road of selfish, Godless, and self-medicating ways really started,” Matt said. “I was only living for myself and material things.”

Matt jumped from state to state, town to town, and couch to couch, hoping to drink away the pain. He lived like this for eight years.

“Material things, money, and greed, were the only things that inspired me to live,” he said. 

Somehow, Matt ended up in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where he heard of a place called The Rescue Mission. He decided to check it out, at first to have a meal, and eventually, to see what it could offer him.

The Rescue Mission offered what Matt called “the shock of (his) life.”

“Those first few days, meeting staff and the gentlemen staying here, it was exactly what I needed,” Matt said. “I soon discovered that this was how God wanted me to get to know Him. And once I got in the long-term program, everything started clicking.”

Two months into the program, Matt really started to see God with open eyes. He found a church home and even got baptized.

Matt’s anger began to subside. He became a whole new man.

“The one thing I needed in my life was to come back to God,” Matt said. “I decided to make God the biggest part of my life. I started to truly believe and have faith. That was the ultimate answer I was looking for.”

For a few months now, Matt has been working a full-time position as a security officer, a job he loves and looks forward to each day. He also has his own place.

“I’ve had a mind, heart, and spiritual awakening,” Matt said. “Any turmoil that was once in my life is now history. When it comes to the heart, the holes that were there are now filled with joy and peace that I can’t even describe. I never knew that the heart could be so full.”