Slipping and Sliding


The snow just kept falling, the winds were picking up and my car was swerving out of control.  Those out of control feelings were compounded by fear. That horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach when there’s nothing you can do.  But My little slipping and sliding pales in comparison to the real issues that many of our residents face.

Just recently, I spoke with a man named Jerry who was wasting away on drugs and alcohol in a cheap motel.  I’d been working with Jerry for some time and I knew he was getting worse. My phone rang and I saw the motel’s number on my caller ID. Reluctantly, I took his call. I knew he was getting ready to hit me up for some cash to extend his stay.  I refused to enable him with cash. He stopped calling. Three weeks later, a local church called to ask me about Jerry. They were starting to feel used by him.  I encouraged them to stop enabling him.

I am happy to report that our simple refusal to enable Jerry has encouraged him to take responsibility for himself.  Recently, Jerry greeted me in our lobby.  He was starting the long, arduous process of healing and recovery.

Jerry has stopped the slipping and sliding. He’s regaining control, and the fear is starting to subside. It is our prayer that his life will find traction, direction and transformation.

Thanks for your support.  Together we are changing lives for good.

Pastor D