Sizzling Hot

Hot weather is a real danger for the homeless.

There are many stories we could tell of the homeless coming to The Rescue Mission for relief from the summer heat. Some just need a bottle of cold water, but others have reached extreme dehydration and have to be hospitalized.

Dehydration and health problems soar in the summer because of overexposure to the heat and sun, especially for the elderly, disabled, and those who suffer from addiction.

As temperatures climb this weekend, and likely in future days this summer, so do the number of individuals seeking shelter. 

How to help:

1. Carry cold bottled water to give to the homeless who need it.

2. Direct the homeless to The Rescue Mission (301 W. Superior St.), which acts as one of the city's cooling centers. Learn more here.

3. Donate bottled water to The Rescue Mission, where many people already know to come for cold water.

4. When someone comes to The Rescue Mission for a basic need, we also provide them with hope. Our main goal is to inspire them to enter one of our transformational programs. Making a financial gift to The Rescue Mission is essential to providing relief for the homeless during this critical time.