Psalm 128:6

Recently, I had the privilege of receiving three young men at The Rescue Mission who had just completed serving time in an Indiana prison.  One in particular made an impact on me. For the last eight years, he had been in and out of prison, free for a cumulative total of a little over one year.  What struck me was the fact that he had two young children and a Fiancé waiting for him.  He was filled with excitement and the possibilities of doing much better this time around.

After listening to him, my heart was heavy. I soon discovered that he had burned all his bridges and no longer had family or friends to give him a “push start” in life.  My mind immediately went to the children.  What will the outcome of their lives be?

In Psalm 128:6, the Psalmist prayed: “May you live to see your children’s children.”  This statement implies three generations.  It also implies family heritage, hope, and a future with great possibilities.

This is also our prayer. And with the full support of The Rescue Mission, we pray that this young man will experience transformation and a renewed sense of hope, so that his children will also experience a secure future.

Thanks for assisting us as we welcome men, women and children to The Rescue Mission.

Together, we are changing lives for good.