Passing it On

When Sister Eunice Taylor speaks, the women of Charis House listen. There’s no saying, “You don’t understand,” to Sister Eunice. Abuse. Drugs. Alcohol. Violence. A dark heart. Sister Eunice has experienced it all, making her a phenomenal, grace-filled, Jesus-loving Long Term Case Manager at The Rescue Mission’s women and children’s ministry, Charis House.

To have a part in being able to bring real change in an individual’s life is more rewarding than a paycheck,” Sister Eunice said. “I love being able to display the love of God to individuals who are broken and feeling worthless and hopeless.”

Worthlessness and hopelessness are two feelings Sister Eunice knows well. From a traumatic childhood where she didn’t feel loved, into adulthood where drugs and alcohol were all she could find to ease the pain of her feelings, she turned to everything except God. 

But the more her mother prayed for her, the more uncomfortable Sister Eunice felt in her life of sin.

“My remedies for pain no longer worked,” she said. Still, instead of turning to God, she turned to the love of a man, a man who turned abusive. Her heart became so dark that she was willing, and even planned, to take the man’s life and then her own.

Her abusive partner never showed up on the day she planned to take his life. God stood in the way, as He had bigger and better plans for Sister Eunice.

“The day after I had planned to kill him and kill myself, I went to church with my mother and repented, and gave my life to God,” she said. “He set me free in a way that I could not have imagined. God gave me my real identity and value.”

For more than eight years, Sister Eunice has been sharing her journey to finding identity and value with the women at Charis House, many of whom are going through the exact trials she once faced. She sees the potential and hope in every woman who crosses her path.

“The women at Charis House are God’s valuable jewels,” she said. “They are diamonds in the rough. They are worth saving.”

Sister Eunice said she has tremendous respect and gratitude for the awesome donors who have been a blessing to Charis House.

“Every time a life is changed, a soul is saved, a mother is reunited with her children, a broken family is put back together, a hopeless individual is given hope, you helped make this possible,” she said. “We would not be able to reach as many individuals and serve a large community as we have without our donors.”