Music at the Mission

"The choir has been the single biggest therapeutic tool at the Mission for me," said Dave, a Rescue Mission long-term program resident. "It chipped away at ego and replaced it with self-confidence."

Part of the mission of The Rescue Mission is to provide hope for the future of our residents. There are few things that can help spark hope in someone the way music does.

"The choir has helped soothe many of my anxieties about the future," said one of our Charis House women. "It has also made music ministry an interest of mine and has greatly enhanced my life. It has been therapeutic for my angry and frustrated moods."

The choir, which includes men from Restoration House, women from Charis House, and some volunteers, has been a huge success thanks to the support of Rescue Mission donors. We are currently in need of some instruments to expand the music program. 

"We need to bring instruments into it," said Mike, a Rescue Mission long-term program resident. "I want to see the music ministry continue and grow, as it allows for growth of self-esteem."

Current needs for The Rescue Mission music ministry:

- acoustic guitars

- acoustic guitar cases 

"I feel uplifted after each performance and practice," said Ron, a Rescue Mission long-term program resident. "My day has a brighter outlook."

For more information, or to make a donation, please contact Sam Thomas, Music Ministry Coordinator, at