Volunteer Spotlight: Cara Smith

Cara Smith has been volunteering at The Rescue Mission for more than seven years. She currently brings her three children, Isaac (13), Eli (12), and Jaalah (11) on a weekly basis to volunteer at The Rescue Mission.

We sat down with Cara and her children to learn more about her and why they volunteer.

What brought you to The Rescue Mission?

I homeschooled and wanted a serving opportunity. I prayed about it and thought of The Rescue Mission. We attempted to get in on a Thanksgiving meal, but it was booked up. Serving lunch on a weekly basis opened up and it happened to work within our schedules, and we started serving.

How has volunteering at The Rescue Mission impacted you?

For me, my faith is always encouraged, because I see people in more difficult circumstances than I am in, or facing harder things to overcome, and they still have eternal eyes and have their faith strong. Even though our life circumstances are different, we can still come together and our faith is the same and who we trust is the same. The same scriptures that encourage me can encourage them and vice versa.

Serving food is a kind act, but getting to know the men in different ways and hanging out with them to get to know their stories, pray with them, is what has impacted us most.

If you could describe your experience with The Rescue Mission in three words, what would they be?

Encouraging. Life-changing. Heaven. 
We are all equal at the foot of the cross and get to delight in Jesus together.

From serving lunch, performing talent shows for the guys, playing cards with them, inviting the guys to the kids' Christmas programs, basketball games, park grill-out days, and dance recitals, Cara and her family want to provide "normal" experiences for the men at The Rescue Mission, and to do things as a family with them. Cara and her children consider the men an extension of their own family, and they feel blessed to do so.

Fun Facts about Cara and the Kids

Favorite Food: Indian food (pizza and wings for the kids!)

Favorite Movie: It's hard to pick a favorite movie, but the boys love The Avengers/Lord of the Rings, and Jaalah loves The Greatest Showman.

Favorite thing to do: I love to cook and do home projects. The boys enjoy basketball, and Jaalah loves to dance.

Favorite Bible verses: I enjoy reading Colossians 1. Jaalah loves The Love Chapter, 1 Corinthians 13. Isaac's favorite is Romans 12:2, and Eli likes Romans 6:23.