How Times Have Changed


How times have changed, or have they?

The holiday season is upon us and the world continues to move about with its regular routine.  Many are shopping, some are grieving and some are just plain surviving. 

Two thousand years ago in Jerusalem, many were busy moving about, some were grieving and some were just plain surviving.  Five miles south of Jerusalem in a very small town called Bethlehem, a couple was desperately trying to find shelter.  This couple as most of us know carried with them the hope of humanity in the form of a baby yet to be born.

Today, many people are still busy, moving about and some are just barely surviving.  The Rescue Mission sees all types of people.  Unlike the many however, we take note of the persons seeking shelter and are desperately trying to find their way.

The story of Mary and Joseph and their search for a place is often overlooked by the many in our society who are busy doing their own thing.  Your constant support of The Rescue Mission allows us to stay focused on the main message and story of Christmas. 

Together we are changing lives for good.

Pastor D