Bring them in from the cold

Dear Friend,
People are avoiding being outside at all costs as we experience record-breaking cold here in Fort Wayne. For some, the outside can't be avoided. And for those in that position, there is The Rescue Mission.
The Rescue Mission is so packed at night that our hallways are lined with cots. We will make room for whoever needs it during these frigid temps.
An increase in guests means an increase in needed resources. Will you help us provide what we need to keep our most vulnerable neighbors safe during this cold spell?
There's still a lot of winter left. YOU can make a real difference in someone's life.Give your best gift today and keep someone warm on a cold night. Our prayer is that it will inspire them to enter one of our programs where they will find Real Change. May they never again face having to search for warm shelter in the winter.
Thank you in advance for caring about our homeless neighbors.