A New Song in Stan's Heart

Stan took his first drink at the age of four. Whenever his father requested a beer, Stan would bring it to him, and his reward would be a drink of the can he brought to his father. 

“Turned out, I really liked it,” Stan said. “My dad drank six beers every night, so that’s six chugs of beer for a four-year-old boy.”

That’s when Stan’s first addiction began.

His second addiction came at the age of seven when he fell in love with music. Unfortunately, a love of music eventually led to a love of drugs and alcohol, and Stan used his music career as a means to get drugs. As his addiction grew, his joy faded.

“I ended up with no money, no family, and I didn’t know God,” Stan said. “I was alone.” 

That’s when Stan came to The Rescue Mission. He feared that his heavy baggage of addiction to drugs and alcohol would lead to rejection, but what he found was assurance, and God started replacing his fear with faith.

“For me, all my life, the Bible was a bunch of pages with words,” Stan said. “But it breathes. It still flabbergasts me that every time I pick it up, I am given something I need right at that moment.”

The long-term program at The Rescue Mission not only brought back a joy in Stan’s heart through Christ, but it also brought back his love of music. 

“That love for music is back, but it’s different,” he said. “This music is for God. It’s to praise Him.”

Stan has a lot to be thankful for these days. He’s graduated the long-term program at The Rescue Mission, has his own home, and works a full-time job at Sweetwater. He even comes back to the Mission each week to play with the worship band.

“Our purpose is to be in Christ and with Him,” Stan said. “And then everything else just falls into place.”